The tradition of wedding rings originated from ancient times, tracing back as early to the Greek and Roman periods when rings were as simple as a woven ring of olive leaves.

The tradition continued through the Victorian ages and slowly blossomed today, but this tradition did not include rings for men. The tradition of wedding rings had all along been one where only women were the only party in the marriage to put on wedding bands.

Why You Should or Shouldn't Wear Men's Wedding Rings

Men's wedding rings' custom began to gain popularity during the First World War, where wore a piece of jewelry remember and to hold their loved ones. After the close of the World, Wars jewelers began to introduce the concept and had started to include men.

But many men continue to not wear wedding rings for reasons in the society of today. Through being identified by jewelry some men refuse to announce their union status. Views that are objectionable may be held by others towards precious stones or precious metals.

Most men reject the concept of a wedding band due to the connotation jewelry has with being effeminate. But in actuality, men's wedding rings are designed to distinguish them from the rings of women.

Not or whether you wear a ring is not a matter of whether you're the woman or a man, but more about comfort, convenience, and most of all, whether you like it or not. If you should wear a wedding for the sake of it being a status symbol when it causes you 26, it makes no sense.

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