Used Police Cars for Sale

Who do you call when you witness a crime scene or at the time of emergence? To whom people approach first when there is a theft or a robbery? These are policemen who come to rescue you first. Have you ever wondered what made them so fast that they come down all the way from one corner of the city to another in not more than a few minutes? All this is possible due to the immaculate human engineering in police cars. Since these are high-quality vehicles, therefore, they are very expensive. However, today, to our amazement, used police cars for sale are available at cheaper prices with almost equal quality.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Used Police Cars!

Police cars are the ones that face more abuse than any other vehicles on the road. These cars have seen the worst on the road so the cars themselves are usually in worst conditions. You must take a start with realistic expectations. Some of those used cars on sale have usually not come to the road since weeks, months, or sometimes even years. So, you always need battery replacement first, that means, for the test trial, which is a must advice; you must bring a jump box.

Police equipment such as spotlights, push bumpers, rear window bars, and a rear model along with a rear cage typically add to the price of these cars on sale. Also, used police cars usually have a vinyl black seat and cloth front seat combination. Moreover, no matter how finely the sellers renovate a car, you will always meet holes and wires wherever there is police equipment.

Is There a Relation Between Color and Price of the Cars?

Secondly, have knowledge of car prices according to the colors. Yes, it is true. It was surprising for me to know that the color combinations matters a lot whilst buying a police car. The black and white models are cheaper at the auction that the pure black ones, or other single colored cars. Most of the buyers crave for those black beauties which encourage dealers to increase the price of these cars even more.

Some Used Police Cars on Sale on eBay

2008 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor:

So many people look for safety features while buying a car. You must enjoy perks of safety features when you go for police cars. This model’s safety measures include:

Driver Airbag
Anti-Lock Brakes
Passenger Airbags


Apart from safety features, it has power locks, air-conditioning, and power windows as power options. You will get following amazing features in not more than $2,125.

Mileage: 79,500
Trim: Police Interceptor Sedan 4-Door
Engine: 4.6L 281 Cu
Number of Cylinder: eight
Fuel Type: Gasoline


2007 Dodge Charger:

In only US $570 you can buy this amazing used police car with white exterior and black interior, gasoline fuel type, sedan body type, automatic transmission, 5.7L eight-cylinder engine, and 74,000 mileage history. You will enjoy this car with full service, two new upper control arms, oil change, and new sway bar bushing. So you won’t need to give it any more services.

Chevrolet: Impala Police:

Are you looking for a good-looking and fast running police car? If yes, then this is the best option for you. This car runs the best and drives great because it superbly hits the road. With blue exterior and interior and 3.8L six-cylinder engine, you will get this car at even cheaper price than dodge charger. It is available in only US $455 along with all the modified characteristics.

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