Courtesy-Kombi Weddings

Weddings are the most important occasions for the bride, groom and their family and friends. We make so many preparations for the marriage in order to make it memorable. The venue decorations, food, outfits, gifts are all an important part of the preparations. In addition, how can we forget the wedding photographs? We use so many beautiful; decorations and props to click beautiful photographs. It is also quite important to take many pictures as they become a memory down the years and we get to relive the moments with our loved ones looking at the photographs.

Kombi vans as a fun wedding prop

The kombis’ or formerly known as the ‘coast 58’, are such cute vans that can become a great wedding prop. The bride and groom can hop in to the van and get some cute pictures. The kombi vans are cute that come in pastel colors and they go well with the decorations. The vehicle has a vintage feel and that attracts many people. The bride and groom could get a few pictures in the old school manner and rekindle their romance on the special day.

 Make kombis a part of wedding shoots

People love wedding photo shoots and they could totally make the kombi vans a part of their wedding shoot. The pictures will come to be really attractive and cute. The kombi weddings are also becoming famous and brides love the idea.

Have a kombi wedding and go old school once again!

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