Troyer Race Cars
Are you preparing yourself for ultimate adrenaline rush by formula-one racing? Troyer race cars are providing highest quality racing cars to their customers. Troyer has been ensuring services at viable prices since 1977. Through exhaustive research and exactitude measures, they are guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Troyer Race Cars

Troyer has its roots embedded in American car sports. It has successfully made its distinguishing identity both in NASCAR Asphalt Modified and DIRT Modified. It has been the most successful skeleton manufacturers since past four decades. At the very beginning in 1977, the company began mechanizing NASCAR Asphalt modifiers under the supervision of Maynard Troyer, the NASCAR driver. Soon after struggling for few years, it accomplished 500th chassis built and the figure multiplied to 1000 in 1990 and finally 2000 a decade later.

Tech Support

Asphalt and DIRT are successfully providing tech support by Part and Product Assembly, Race Setup and Track Support. Due to these services, your race track experience is now both entertaining and secure.


Apparels: The Troyers’ apparel includes products for both men and women exclusively along with hats labelled Troyer.

Asphalt and DIRT: Their items include chassis builder, components, used dirt items, fittings and hose, drive line, front suspension, rear suspension, brakes, bumpers and sidebars, miscellaneous, accessories and springs.

You can either buy your favorite costumes for your upcoming race or modify your car with available accessories and components.


The Troyers’ dealerships are providing delivery services of all required components so that you may be getting all basic racing requirements and make sure that you are obtaining correct troyer components. You can easily contact your nearest dealer and tell your demands. All the dealers are providing maximum customer services and working for customer satisfaction.

A list of DIRT dealers includes Andy’s speed, Behrents speed center, Big Daddy’s speed center, Lineman Racing, Doug’s Speed and Racing Center, East Coast Speed, Hoffman Speed Supplies LLC and JBR Motors located in different areas.

A few Asphalt dealers are A-1 Racing Products, Behrent Speed Centre, Bruce’s Auto and Collision, Brunnhoelzl Racing Inc., CV products , Doug’s Speed and Racing Center and Hank Thomas Motors.

Along with the satisfied dealership and tech support, Asphalt and DIRT are also offering multiple repair centers in various areas. All you have to do is just go to the nearest possible location and obtain the services as per your requirements.

Success Story

One can easily catch a glimpse at the success stories of Troyer cars every now and then. Formula-one racing and Troyer run side by side with each other. Troyer race cars’ success stories can be seen at large. Simon Jupe and Peter Britten’s JBR Motorsport Troyer V8 Dirt Modifies has set a success record in December 2008. After making their debut same year in September, the newly imported cars have resulted in promising success. Rockey Warner, Connor Cleveland, Corey Barker are the top three names formula-one racing sportsman cup results. These successful racers owned Troyer racing cars.

It is important to note that, you can also get Troyer race cars for sale, ones that are a bit older and used. Available at lower fares, such cars need proper services which you can get at your nearest Troyer repair centre. These cars on sale might be modified and you can access their selling ads either online on newspaper.


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