New Cars Under $10000

Are you cash-strapped? Are you looking to save money on a new car purchase? Well, you’ll be amazed to know that you can buy a great car under $10,000 without compromising on its performance and reliability. So, whether you’re seeking a full-size sedan or a dynamic hatchback, you can easily own new cars under $10000.

Before, we review the top 3 car models for less than $10,000; let’s know how to purchase a brand new car for under $10,000.

The strategy to buy a top new car under$10,000

  • Don’t trust every advertisement that comes your way
  • Select the right time to purchase
  • Have a realistic budget & a list of cars under $10,000
  • Do your homework and select a car
  • Use Internet to obtain price quotes
  • Use rebates & incentives to your best
  • Get in touch with dealerships and websites
  • Settle upon a car & its specifics
  • Secure yourself financially before buying the car
  • Negotiate, examine & test drive

Top new cars under 10000

Here are top three new cars that give you a lot for a bit:

Acura RSX

If you’re looking for a sporty car on a shoestring budget, then Acura RSX can be the best bet for you. Though, the car technically looks like a hatchback, it has appearance of a coupe. Indeed, it even drives like one. Just think of keen handling & dynamic engines  that embrace four cylinders of 160 horsepower or 210 horsepower in Type-S car models.

The speedy stick shift is highly recommended for performance as well as gas mileage. In case, you wish to buy an automatic car, you will still obtain almost all aspects that make RSX a wonderful car. And, don’t forget, you get all these features for in a new car under 10000 dollars!

Chevrolet Silverado

There are a number of pickups on market under $10,000 budget; however the Chevrolet Silverado is an all time favourite of people. Not only it’s smart and capable but also provides a version for almost everyone. This includes everything from minimalist Work Truck (WT) to top-notch LT trim . The main highlight of this cheap wagon is its outstanding reliability. You also get replacement parts with utmost ease.

Needless to mention, the Silverado makes for the best pickup trucks on a $10,000 price tag and are also called as ‘the king of hills’.

Ford Crown Victoria

Do you want a brand new car under 10000?  The good news is you can own a full-size sedan for under $10000. Ford Crown Victoria boasts of simple and huge body-on-frame full-sizers that are easily attainable. While they are relatively affordable, you may realise gas to be an entirely different story as the car utilises a strong 4.6 liter V8.

Albeit, it’s difficult to get a car that’s roomier, comfortable, stronger and more reliable than Crown Victoria—the very reason of it being a favourite of police & taxi fleets.


Still, amongst the motors on list, almost each car has adequate space, is fun to drive and you even get great performance. So, no matter which one you select, these new car models for less than $10,000 will satisfy your everyday needs and also save you a big chunk of cash!

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