Suzuki Used Cars

Do you need a branded car that won’t be heavy on your wallet? Now, you can drive a certified Suzuki used cars in very affordable price. It is a name that you have trusted for years and now they assure you that you get the best out of your money. Let us explore some facts and figures and a list of few affordable cars Suzuki is offering.

How is it Easier to Buy Suzuki Used Cars?

Buying a used vehicle is a critical process because each car that you go through will have specific condition, mileage, and features. Criticality increases during customer choice, preferences including color choice, purchasing power, buying price,value s/he wishes, and much more. The buying process becomes even more critical when the customer has to decide whether to go for personal or non-authorized dealerships. With Suzuki, a customer can buy with trust, loyalty, and distinguished services. Following features make buying with Suzuki easier and trustworthy:

•    Quality checkpoints that check used vehicles with the help of trained engineers and technicians.
•     Ensure repairing through Suzuki Genuine Parts (SGP).
•    Warranty up to one-year.

What Additional Advantages will You Get From Suzuki?

Suzuki is a name that everyone has trusted for so long. There are so many reasons behind this trust and reliability. Let’s look at some of the extra advantages that you will not get from other dealerships:

•    Affordable for everyone.
•    Low mileage cars.
•    Free services.
•    Ownership transfer in the name of the buyer.
•    Insurance and finance facility.
•    Crystal clear transaction.

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Suzuki has many outlets throughout the world. The Used Maruti Suzuki Cars is an entrusted name that sells cars on sale at an amazingly cheaper price. Also, the Maruti True Value is the largest certified used car dealership in India. They ensure fair and transparent used car transaction. Suzuki engineers certify and inspect each vehicle that comes into their outlet.
The price list is surprising because some amazing cars are available even under $1000 at Suzuki outlets. Let us look at some of the cars on sale:

[thrive_headline_focus title=”Suzuki SX4 Vi:” orientation=”center”]

This second owner car features include 61,000 km mileage, manual transmission with a petrol engine. However, this model is available at other outlets like  Autotrader which includes luxury features like climate control, power steering, front load CD player, Bluetooth, multifunction steering wheel, Electric windows, much more. This car is available in under $1000.

[thrive_headline_focus title=”Suzuki Wagon R:” orientation=”center”]

It is available at Maruti outlet. You can buy this one under $1000 as well. Car condition is good including brakes, exterior, seats, engine, battery, interior, AC, and suspensions. In short, the car’s overall condition is very good since it has the first ownership. Owners comment includes 84,000 km, manual transmission, and LPG fuel type.

[responsive_video type=’youtube’ hide_related=’1′ hide_logo=’1′ hide_controls=’0′ hide_title=’1′ hide_fullscreen=’1′ autoplay=’0′][/responsive_video] [thrive_headline_focus title=”2016 Suzuki Swift GL Auto MY15:” orientation=”center”]

This new model is available in $16,465 at carsales in Australian outlet. It is a trendy looking car in excellent condition.

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=”Its features include:”]

Hatch body type.
Automatic transmission.
Four cylinder 1.4L petrol engine.
6.2L/100km fuel economy.
Five doors, five-seat capacity.




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