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Have you been lately checking out with car dealers for sports cars for sale ? Or, do you want to experience the thrill of a sports car without breaking the bank?

Well, then you must go for a second-hand sports car. While it’s easy on your pocketbook, it also comes with a unique appeal and classic appearance.

That being said, let’s see how you can buy a cheap second-hand sports car and what all options are available out there:

How to buy an affordable second-hand sports cars for sale?


To start with, it’s important to have a clear idea of the kind of car you want to buy. Best is to set a budget for the same. You can visit online sales platforms, read AutoTrader magazines, participate in online forums and consult car dealers.

This research will lend you with enough information on the kind of second-hand cars available for sale, what people are recommending, problems that are specific of certain models and even the prices.


While purchasing second-hand cars from a person can help you grab a good deal, most of the buyers prefer to purchase it from a used car dealer. The reason being, the latter provides them with a warranty package & you even get the benefit of reaching out to him for general maintenance and repair.

Often, some dealers specialize in make of these cars, thereby giving you the right advice.


After you have shortlisted certain used cars, it’s time to check them thoroughly. Here a few things you should always check for:

  • Make sure it’s in good condition & not damaged
  • Check for any dents or scratches
  • Be cautious of mouldings & rubber strips
  • See if paint-work is over-sprayed (indicative of an accident)
  • Don’t forget engine & fluids
  • Look for excessive moisture or grease in tail pipe
  • Ask for car servicing records

Things you should consider while purchasing a used sports cars

Generally, drivers investing $7-8000 on a used sports car  tread with great caution & select something which is affordable in terms of tax, insurance and service. While there’s nothing wrong with it, you should also know that an amount as low as this can also buy them something interesting that fills their heart with pride.

However, you should do your homework before spending your hard-earned money on an extravagant or off-beat sports car.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • First of all, consider how much it will cost you to run & keep some amount aside every month for sudden maintenance bills.
  • After the selected car qualifies for insurance cover, always consider purchasing a high quality mechanical warranty for the same.
  • Always take a test drive and check thoroughly to find out the best used sports car for you.

Now, that you know how to purchase one, let’s see what all used sports cars for sale are available out there.

Top Sports Cars That Easy On The Pocketbook:

Given below are the top three sports cars that dominate the second-hand market not only because of its powerful performance but its reasonable prices as well:

Mazda MX-5

The contemporary MG Midget, Mazda MX-5 has been a long-time favourite of people who love thrill and adventure in their lives. Coming with a great reliability factor, this wagon has racked up 5-star ratings for not breaking down.

People who have bought this model are delighted to own one and barely complain of any niggles or faults. It’s just that a small percentage of people find non-engine electrics faulty. While it’s not a 100% practical car, with prices as low as £7,000 for a used classic sports cars for sale; it can add fun and excitement to your life.

BMW 1 Series Coupeʹ

The BMW 1 Series Coupeʹ is yet another cheap sports car for sale. While this snazzy version of a family motor beefs up your driving experience, it comes with a setback of being somewhat less practical. The best thing about this car is its absolute reliability that ensures you keep moving without it falling apart.

The only factor that pushes it down to a 3-star rating is its faults & niggles. Nearly 11% of people stated auxiliary electrical problems with the car receiving 80% customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, its handling is top-class and even surpasses Audi when it comes to comfort & practicality. It starts a bit over £12,000 for a used sports car.

Volkswagen Eos 

Well, the EOS is Volkswagen’s convertible reply to sports cars like BMW 1 Series and Renault Megane CC convertible. While its bent not to fall apart is average for latest models, the earlier ones get 4-star rating for faults and niggles.

The common faults embrace rain seals & exterior trim with auxiliary electrics reported by 19% customers regardless of how old the car is. Therefore, it becomes very important to get the car checked before you go on to buy it.

People are usually happy with the car giving it a 79% overall rating.


So, people who can’t spend a fortune and yet want a high-performing sports car can go for these cars. While these cars come at half the original price, you also get the benefit of classic appearance and great driving experience.

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