Eating healthy is the first priority of many people at present because of its numerous benefits. You can stay away from any disease just by having a balanced diet. There is no doubt that active lifestyle is also needed for this. You can also change some of your habits to stay fit and live a healthy life. As per the current trend, a smoothie is first preference of many people. Another thing that makes it very popular is easiness to prepare this at home. A smoothie can be prepared very easily at home with the help of a smoothie making machine. You can also give perfect texture and taste to it by preparing it as per a smoothie recipe.

Here we are telling about a wonderful chocolate banana smoothie recipe by which you will be able to make a perfect smoothie at home without any problem. You just need to have a good smoothie maker with the right capacity to process everything in a perfect manner.

Details of the recipe

In order to prepare this particular smoothie, you must have the right type of ingredients at home. Here is the list of ingredients that you will need.

–    One banana which must be blended

–    One cup of chocolate ice cream

–    Half cup of milk

–    A pinch of salt

–    Half cup of ice

Preparing the smoothie in few minutes

Make sure that you are using only the fresh and pure ingredients to have maximum benefits and perfect taste by it. You can also add other natural sweeteners to make it sweeter perfect. Now you can start with the banana and chocolate ice cream. But both ingredients in the smoothie maker and blend them perfectly. Now mix the half cup of the milk and a pinch of salt to it. In case you like to drink is chilled than mix the ice as per your own preference. Otherwise, you can simply put the half cup of ice for the moderate cooling. Blend it perfectly and serve.

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