Small Sports Cars

Have you ever heard of an old age adage that good things come in small packages? Sometimes, it is the best explanation of small sports cars. The maneuvering of these cars resembles the magical circus show especially when they thread through minor gaps. These teeny-weeny engineering devices are capable of going around corners and even straight in lines as fast as a tiger. If you do not enjoy your current car status, then you have come to the right place. We will let you know why these nimble cars are so amazing and list down some of the best one’s available today.

Why Smaller Cars Are Better On Sports Track?

There was a time when the only sports cars on the track were the smaller ones. However, as the time proceeded and engineering got advanced, the bigger sports cars came on the track and became a huge success. Just after a few time, drivers realized that it was easier for them to drive the smaller ones since these cars can balance themselves so they are easier to control due to their compact size and lighter weight. Smaller cars got their fame back right away and they still hold a place in the hearts of the car enthusiasts.

Some Of The Best Small Sports Cars

Lightness and compactness are the two most important features that have made them sensational automobiles. Let’s have a look at the features of some of them:

2016 MINI Cooper Hardtop John Cooper Works


It isn’t as big as its name. However, its price is comparable to its name and it’s all because of its attractive designing and nimble character: threading through small gaps and fast running. Its specially tuned four-cylinder turbocharged engine never let it feel tired so it’s always good to run. The 2.0L engine generates 236 lb/ft torque and 228 horsepower which is why it is so efficient. Moreover, the sporty six-speed manual transmission boosts the driving experience the driving experience, but you may also enjoy automatic driving since it offers both.

2016 Ford Focus ST

It is one of the most frenzied options as its energetic compressed rear door appeals the most power-hungry mass. This car makes the most of its 2.0L engine by generating 252 hp and whooping 270 lb/ft torque. What is unique about this car is that it has an anti-torque system. The torque steer can mitigate through the anti-torque-steer system . Moreover, it has a torque vectoring system also. It is present up front and it improves the turn-in. The only gearbox available for it is six-speed manual, so you cannot enjoy automatic driving.

2016 Subaru WXR

This nimble sedan is in the hearts of the racers due to its current redesigning. Especially for the daily driving, it is far more processed than ever. It drives perfectly under track-oriented situations due to the well-manufactured 2.0 turbocharged mill, an option between manual six-speed transmission and continuous automatic, and regular all-wheel drive. When it comes to power transmission, it generates 258 lb/ft torque and 268 hp on a normal drive. However, for those who crave for more power and want to add more fun to the drive, it offers WRX STI which can go up to 305 hp.

To end, I would say that the smaller they are, the better they drive. The light weight and compact design are the features that make these cars different from others. Due to such design, they can run extremely fast both around the curves and even straight in the lines. So you can enjoy multiple driving experiences through these cars.


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