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Do you want to own a rolling art piece that’s much more than just transportation? Are you a car lover who prefers universe, swagger and flamboyance over efficiency and practicality? Well, then you should consider buying a mind-boggling machine out of the most expensive luxury cars across the globe.

This article tosses around top 3 car models that can buy you all the fun, adventure and happiness you’ve been waiting for. But, before let’s see why people buy these expensive wagons in first place.

Why people want the world’s Most Expensive Luxury Cars?

Here are few reasons why some people feel attracted to these expensive luxury cars:


These expensive luxury cars are not just any other vehicle on road. If you come across a Koenigsegg One, you would want to watch it till the time it goes out of sight. This is because, anything that’s rare demands attention from others and people love to be recognized for that uniqueness.


Well, if someone is driving a Lamborghini or Ferrari, it means he owns a lot of money. Driving one of these sophisticated vehicles may not be their requirement as in some cases it’s just a way to exhibit their financial excess—something we all dream for all the time!

Top three Expensive Luxury Cars in the world

Here are the top cars that can cost you a fortune:

Lamborghini Veneno

A limited production luxury car, the Lamborghini Veneno is based on the supercar called Lamborghini Aventador. This supercar was introduced to celebrate 50th anniversary of Lamborghini.

The Veneno is available in only three color variants—green, white and red version. The reason being these three colors represent Italian flag. The brand also created a 4th car dubbed as Car Zero for display and was placed in the museum. The car carries a price tag of $4.5 million.

Lykan Hypersport

Another limited production supercar, the Lykan Hypersport was built by W, Motors, A Lebanese Company. The first sports cars to be built in the Middle East; the Hypersport is counted amongst the most expensive cars across the globe.

The car is priced so high because of things like diamond interlined headlights. The supercar boasts of 3.7-liter engine (flat-6 twin-turbo) from Porsche that has a potential to produce 740 bhp. The highest speed of this luxury wagon is asserted to be 239 mph or 385 km/h and hits 0-60 mph in only 2.8 seconds. It comes at a whopping price of $3.4 million.

Bugatti Veyron

Designed & developed by Volkswagen in Germany, the Bugatti Veyron is recognized as the fastest street-legal production supercar across the globe by Guiness World Records. The present Super sport car model has the highest speed of 431 km/h or 268 mph.

A limited car of merely 30 units, the Veyron shows up with 1200 brake horsepower and price as much as $2.5 million.


So, regardless of any car you buy from the above mentioned expensive luxury cars, you are sure to steal the show wherever you head.

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