Who does not like to chauffeur around in a new car.? For avid car lovers, a new car is like God’s gift to them. For those who love cars, having the knowledge of each new car being launched in the market, requires no hard research at all. With new cars under 15000 already displayed in the showrooms, here is your chance of buying a new while not at all drilling a hole into your pocket. This truly is the dream deal you were waiting for.

New cars under 15000: Buying it better.

A car is basically a machine and a machine can have fault of its own, even if not visible to the eyes right away. In that case, when you are buying yourself a new car, it is important that you ask the dealer a few necessary questions.

Is the car warranted?

All cars need to be warranted, if not wholly but to some extent so it is important to ask this question.

What are the maintenance intervals?

This is an important thing to have knowledge about, especially if the car and its parts are high maintenance.

How much does each part cost?

You never know when you have to replace just a single car part like headlamps or steering wheel and others. Knowing the price will help you get the authentic products at the right price.

Has the car ever been used as a demo car?

This is the most important question you should ask. Sometimes, dealers have to sell demo cars owing to shortage of new models. Ensure that you ask this question and do not fall for the trap.

Can I pay the amount in installments?

Fit is a new car so obviously it is going to be pricey. While you can always choose to pay the entire amount at one go, do ask about the finance options available.

Does the insurance have to be with the dealing company?

A lot of times, car dealers have tie-ups with various car insurance companies. But it is not always mandatory for you to take it from the dealers. Asking these question might clear any sort of doubt you have.

How to buy brand new cars under15000, 2017?

These 8 simple steps will guide you through the entire process of buying the dream car.

  • Research well: There are millions of cars and models available. Conduct proper researches well before you pick the features of your dream car.
  • Get a car loan: You know the price of your car. But how much can you spend at the moment? Getting a loan will keep you on the safer side.
  • Get you re-sell value: This is for the future but if you wish to re-sell the car in the future, you must create the grounds by asking for every single car details from your dealer.
  • Verification and Test-Drive: Once you have verified the model, locate it at the car showrooms and definitely ask to test-drive.
  • Get detailed pricing: Ask your car dealer to give you a detailed price of everything single part in the car. That way you have access to those details too.
  • Ask for finance options: Ask the dealer if there is any pay-in-installments option with the car.
  • Finalize: Armed with all the required details, finalize the deal.
  • Take delivery: Take delivery of your car within the stipulated time.

Best new cars under 15000: Top 3 models

Mitsubishi Mirage

Starting at $14,790, this car is best known for its excellent fuel efficiency- 4.8litres per 100 miles. It is a car for 5 people and has manual gears-controls. The engine runs on standard unleaded petrol. It has a three-cylinder 1.3litre petrol engine. It is top-notch in terms of safety and has a roadside warranty of 5 years.

Kia Rio

Starting at $13, 490, this car, also, has manual gear controls. The fuel efficiency is even better, 5.7litress per 100 miles. It is a three-door car, five seats. It possesses a 1.4litres 4 cylinder petrol engine which delivers up to 79kW. This, too, has a five-star safety rating and five years of roadside warranty. Despite its really cool and sporty design, you get this amazing car at the most wonderful price.

Toyota Yaris

This beauty misses the $15000 mark by just $10. It starts at $14,990 and is built in with the classic features. Manually controlled, this car is also a five-sitter car. Another big advantage is that this car runs on normal unleaded petrol. It has five-star safety ratings and has a three-year warranty on the road. Its fuel consumption is just 5.7litres per 100 miles and the 1.3litres four cylinder engine delivers up to 63kW.


The budget cars are simple worth every penny you pay. Those who love cars just ask for few classic features and a comfortable drive ver. These budget cars are probably the best choice for both- a comfortable ownership and ride and a re-sell option!

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