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Is car purchased next on the list of your things to do? Are you confused in car selection? Step outside of nowhere except the best car showroom in California i.e., My Hot Cars! It is a must visit showroom if you want supporting and technical suggestions for your car purchase. It will show you how hassle-free and convenient it is for you to buy a strong and high-performance car. Since from a quarter of a century, it has been providing high-quality cars coupled with well-trained, customer-friendly and knowledgeable staff which results in trouble-free buying and selling experience for both the dealers and consumers. Let’s explore one of the oldest and finest showrooms.

My Hot Cars- A Place to Visit

My Hot Cars, inc is now in San Ramon, California, United States. They have been a premier classic car dealer in California since 1989. In 2003, it opened its new showroom in Las Vegas. It has moved to its brand new location in San Ramon, California and offering more extraordinary cars with full dealer services. Its partners are the USA Hot Cars, Vegas Classic Muscle Cars, My Hot Cars Livermore, and Kassabian Motors. Its erudite staff will guide you to the best possible option according to your budget and you will end up getting the best car without breaking your bank. Quality, honesty, and reliability are the attributes they work on. Let’s explore the showcase:

1964 Volkswagen Beetle:

Available in $19,995, 1995 Volkswagen Beetle is available for sale in My Hot Cars, Inc., Equipped with a 1600cc engine, Bosch 009 distributor, dual port cylinder heads, converted to 12-volt system now has a non-stock generator, four-speed manual transmission, and EMPI 34P-3 carburetor. If you choose to buy this car, call them and they will suggest you and provide you all possible details. So before going have a call and know all the availabilities.

1962 Studebaker Gran

It is a new arrival at the showroom with the amazing features of 160 mph speedometer, a tachometer, heavy-duty suspension, disc brakes, full gauge cluster, automatic gearbox , extra set of the valve cover and black and Gray interior.

It is sold at a price of $7,995 with the white exterior body. This automatic car is perfect for your long family trips since it’s durable and spacious. So go visit California’s showroom and grab your opportunity to buy this amazing car at an awesomely lower rate.

1956 Ford F100:

This street truck is available in $36,995 only. Ford ensures safety in this vehicle with double-grip door latches, energy-absorbing steering wheel and also a newly equipped 12-volts electric system. New styling includes fashionable wraparound windshield, new grille, and an optional twist back window. Furthermore, a dashboard with its car-derived instrument panel has also been incorporated. What makes this mini street-truck even more distinguishable is its reliability, readily supply of inexpensive replacement parts, full-length running board and strong collector interest. So, it’s perfect for business purposes where there is a need to load heavy equipment and deliver from one place to another.

The showcase list of My Hot Cars goes on and on. It has a variety of different cars; either you want it for your family, business or vocational purposes. You can also visit their website and see what they have for you. Have a survey from your home first, call their sales staff and ask them all that is in your mind, calculate your budget and go get your favorite car. That’s how this showroom has made car shopping stress-free and well-situated.

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