Modified Race Cars
High-speed, roaring engine, danger and risk, and an energetic crowd- when all these features combine, together they make up track racing. Today is the world of modified racing which is also known as modified stock car racing. In this type of racing, modified race cars simultaneously race against each other on oval tracks. The trend started when car drivers started modifying their cars to gain massive advantages over their competitors and now, it is a whole new world out there!

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It is, indeed, the most popular type of track racing in the United States. There are different classes of modifiers in Dirt with Super DIRTseries and IMCA-style modifiers being the two most renowned names. The dirt modified race cars are exclusive in their features and they are easily distinguishable due to the following facts:

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Among all other cars, Super DIRTseries modifiers are the most unusual. The flat and tilted roof make it easier for the driver to enjoy extra air as it is much-needed due to the extravagant adrenaline flow during the race. The design is such that the driver sits in the middle with wind-challenging tunnels at both sides. The front and rear suspensions have a coil-over setup and torsion bar set-up, respectively

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These are different than Super DIRTseries in their make and model. The left side is where the driver sits and the body of the cars are flat from the sides. Furthermore, they lack the tunnels generating the down-force that is a need. The most distinguishable feature is the utilizing the stock production car frame section as the racing chassis’ part. They have relatively smaller tiers than others and the ICMA Sports mod looks much akin to their brethren, but they significantly differ in their engines.

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Today, participants from all over the globe find, restore, keep, drive, and race cars from every era. Vintage racing involves the old and scrapped modified cars on the road. Around 30 vintage racing firms organize more than 170 vintage race events in the United States alone. If it sounds costly to you to take part in vintage racing, then let me tell you something! It is the most inexpensive adventure sports as per the Association of Adventure Sports. It’s fun and easy to get involved because it’s friendly. Many associated racing events welcome vintage cars including the auto-cross, concourse, hill climbs, car meets, rally tours, special interest club, and marque.

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It’s even easier to get all information, from time and date of the events to the cost and selection criterion. Victory Lane Magazine advertises all the upcoming events along with the phone number and website. It advertises about the race resources, race preparation shows, modified race cars for sale, etc. The staff members are always glad to help you around so if you have any queries about the organizations and clubs, car choice, equipment, or anything at all, just reach the internationally experienced staff through contact number (650) 321-1411 or browse .

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The love for cars and track racing run side by side to each other! Modified race cars are the cars that are capable of meeting the challenges of track racing. Track racing is full of dangers and risk, therefore, the race cars are strong and efficient. Dirt modifiers change the cars accordingly. Furthermore, vintage racing is a world of old modified cars and you can easily be a part of it.

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