According to Colin McRae, straight roads are made for speedy cars and turns are made for fast drivers. For all those believers of converting money into noise, Chief and Shawn are coming your way with a show called Midwest Street Cars every week. It is home for the fastest street raced cars in America. Street racing is an illicit form of motor racing occurring on public roads. Sitting behind the wheel of an exotic motor car with revving engine, men in the driving seats glancing at each other with blood in their eyes, their feet firm on accelerator waiting for applause and appreciation. Yes, that’s how street race comes into takes action. Sit back and learn about the America’s most exciting street race TV show.

Midwest Street Cars

Commonly called Midwest Street Cars Automotive in Oklahoma City United States, is a show for all the young and excited auto lover people. Those who love cars eventually love street racing and for such people the Chief and Shawn are coming their way. Let’s explore the show characters individually and see how they are adding colors to the life of automobile lovers.

Big Chief

The driver, Justin Shearer also known as Big Chief has been a street race lover since his childhood. He used to drive his bike to Old Route 66 when he was only nine years old to watch street race. His passion resulted in producing the biggest street race show in his country. Now, he graces with his presence in Oklahoma City for the street race. Chief has done an astonishing job of manufacturing “the Crow”, the nickname of his first car converted into greatest twin-turbo GTO in the world. Shearer is like a boss of street race today. Anyone who wishes to race must go through him first.

Murder Nova

Murder Nova, nickname of the driver Shawn Ellington has inherited auto love from his father Richard. He has grown up at an auto shop owned by his father. He moved to Oklahoma City in 2005 and named after his Nova soon after it’s purchased. The 1969 Nova is an ongoing project of remaining the fastest street raced car in the country. He owns several project cars, like 1955 Chevy , but his heartbeat runs with Nova. He says it’s his home and there can’t be a better adrenaline rush than shouting down and enjoying on the road with Nova.

Street Outlaws

Shawn’s Discovery Channel show Street Outlaws is very famous in the country. The cast has been street racing from decades and they have followed rules and regulations since the beginning. Races in the episodes were conducted under strict protocols with proper precautionary measures. Since, where there is fame, there is danger. Shawn has faced an open fire at Street Outlaw’s Midwest Street Cars OKC . The gunman approached him home on September 28th, 2015.

According to a news report, Shawn had been approached by gunman at 9pm, but he remained safe because of the alerts he got from security cameras. Street Outlaws had proved that it has discovered some of the best street racers in America. The choice and training of the ten best street racers is the best success story of the show, but that heinous crime of shooting did a huge loss to the fame of the show.



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