Do you find used cars deal from private sellers insufficient? If yes, then it’s time to go for the impounded car for sale. Impounded cars are the vehicles that police officials seize due to crime evidence varying from driving without the license to drunk driving. These cars are then sold at various government auctions or sale.

From Where To Look For Impounded Cars For Sale?

It is as easy as it sounds! Since the owner loses the ownership of his car when it comes to police custody, therefore, the government sells them at very low rates. You can find these cars on sale on:

      • Government Auction Sites.
      • Police Impounded Cars
      • Newspapers.
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One situation is very obvious: when there is crime evidence, cops can seize your car. Other obvious reasons include: parking violation, parking ordinance (tow away zone) violation, unresolved moving violations from the registrant, and driving by unqualified drivers. However, sometimes, police can also seize a car when it poses a danger to public safety. Getting a car back is way tedious than it seems, therefore, be careful enough to avoid your car from being impounded.

How to Recover an Impounded Car?

Don’t feel blue if your car has been impounded. Yes, it is possible to get your car back! We have prepared for you a brief guide which will help you to know how to retrieve your car. Have a look!

Know the Reason of Impounding

To get your car back, first, you need to know the reason for its impoundment because it will help you in planning how you should get it back.

Hire a Lawyer

Secondly, call a lawyer only when your car has been impounded for an illegal activity. It is very difficult when the police have held your car for evidence. You will need a lawyer even if you weren’t driving at the time of impounding. You either have to appear in the court or pay a fine, depending on your reason.

Pay Fines or Tickets

In order to know the exact fine, you have to contact police department because limits of tickets vary according to the jurisdiction.

Register or Insure Your Car

If you want to save yourself from extra problems, make sure that your car is properly registered or insured. Even if the reason of your car impoundments will be a crime or any other, cops will surely check the insurance and registration. You will have to show the proof of your car registration when you will go to recover your car.

Know Extra Information That is Necessary:

Bringing only payment is enough; therefore, you should always know more information including ownership, identity, and registration/insurance proof.

How Can You Buy Police Impounded Cars?

It is very important to do the compulsory preparatory work before you go for sale or auction, such as:

      • Search for auctions in less popular/crowded areas.
      • Visit the website before the auction to see available cars.
      • Always bring cash, or otherwise, bring proof of your approved loan to the auction.
      • Bring tools, oil, and air pressure gauge beforehand to test the car.


Impound cars are the cars which the cops seize after finding any criminal evidence. However, the cops can also seize your car if it is dangerous for the public safety. Furthermore, there can be a few ways of retrieving your impounded car. These cars save a lot of money before government delivers them to the market at very low rates.

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