Green Street Cars

Enjoying a car ride isn’t confined to only those who own it; instead, it is even possible for those who do not. Green street cars are the largest private car hire service through which you can simply book a car and enjoy the ride. Over the past 30 years, they have gained massive customer satisfaction because of providing high-level service at very reasonable rates.

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It is one of the largest car hire or mini cab service in the North London. It owns the Golden Award from the National Private Hire Association due to its high-quality vehicle service and fully trained and reviewed drivers. It is legally licensed with the Transport of London and ISO9001 accredited through BSI. It also a holds a five-star grading (that is an excellent grading) the Licensed Private Hire Car Association. The drivers are well-trained and judged with the  NVQ level 2 in the ‘Road Passenger Vehicle Driving’.

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There is a list bounty of using this service so let’s go through each of them separately:

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The safety and comfort are on the top of all advantages. Through the ISO9001 accreditation, the service gets checked and monitored periodically, due to which, you get a guaranteed high-quality service. Also, the courier service strengthens trust on them because they deal with many companies across the U.K. and accepts both cash on delivery and account transfer.

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You do not have to go for the booking in person because you can either book online or through the telephone booker. You can also download their booking app on your android phone or iPhone. Furthermore, if you worry about the site, you can also track it through the installed GPS tracking system.

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Isn’t it jaw-dropping to pay the cheapest fares to the most high-quality service? The prices are the cheapest in North London because the owners of the service set the price according the size of the customer’s pocket. So you really do not have to worry about the money either you want a car for a short or a long journey, since prices are always negotiable.

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Apart from secure driving, the drivers always work according to the guidelines to make the service prompt and correct.

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The car takes not more than 10 minutes to reach your doorsteps. The service manages hundreds of cars each day some areas including Enfield, Bush Hill Park, Ponders End, Chingford, Waltham Cross, Edmonton, Cheshunt, and Waltham Abbey. All the services are equally high-quality, although, note that they cover entire London and the service is not confined to the mentioned areas.

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Well, it is hard to say since the services in all the areas are equal in quality, but the Green Street Cars Enfield is paramount in its promptness and eminence. The details of the service are as follows:

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Address: Green Street 255- Ponders End, Enfield, EN3 7SH.
Location: Ponders End- Enfield
Nearest Station: Brimsdown
Telephone: 020 8805 0066
Service: Minicabs

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In a nutshell, if you live in London city, there is no need to wait for the taxi or other public transport service on road because green street cars will come to your doorsteps only within ten minutes of your booking. Even though the services are in limited areas, but they cover the entire London. High-quality, trained drivers, promptness, and afford-ability are the bounties you will get upon using this service.



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