Police Cars For Sale

You may have come across display boards and classified ads that say ‘Police Cars for Sale’. Have you ever given a thought to it why a police department needs such rare supercars?

For those who don’t know, the police departments across the globe are regularly upgrading their arsenal, obtaining the latest, biggest & strongest technology available out there. It’s become quite common to see state and local authorities putting dynamic muscle cars for patrolling the highways. This stockpile ranges from Ford Mustangs to the rarest Chevy Corvette.

While majority police departments have stuck to supercars like Chevy Tahoe, Ford Explorer and Dodge Charges for all tasks, few departments across the globe seem to be all set for a street race instead of combating crime. In specific areas worldwide—for example Dubai, the flourishing economy has changed how police departments operate.

With these luxurious cars becoming a permanent part of every road, speed limits dramatically start to feel like suggestions & poor ones at that. Therefore, police departments are stacking their stockpile to fight it.

While few are utilized for patrolling, others are only for show. However, one thing is for sure that these departments are not cutting down on any expenses in their combat to keep irresponsible driving at bay.

So, without wasting any time further, let’s take a trip to know the 3 fastest police cars across the globe.

The Top Police Cars for Sale On Market

Here are the top three police cars you wouldn’t want to be chased by:

Aston Martin One-77

Lately picked up by the Dubai Police Department, Aston Martin One is one the limited supercars across the globe. As the name suggests, only 77 units were built of Aston Martin One. Today, this supercar has been customized into a crime-fighting vehicle. Since the wagon comes with a massive 7.3 liter V12 which ranges from 0-60 in just 3.5 seconds & reaches it top speed of 220 miles/hour, it’s difficult for any scofflaw driving Porsche to outrun One-77.

vintage police car for sale

As Dubai is counted amongst the richest cities of UAE, the police department decided to increase its competence with Aston Martin of their own to overpower the rash driving habits of super rich. This rare supercar is just one section of their stockpile.

Brabus Rocket

Substantiating that Germany adores its supercars just like the UAE, this luxurious wagon is more of like a beefed up Mercedes CLS—a supercar that can hold up with almost any motor out there. With a capability to hit 225 miles/hour and reaching 0-60 in just 3.2 seconds, you can’t expect to see this vintage police car for sale patrolling Autobahn at any moment soon.

The transportation department of Germany rather took this super car onboard as the face of the program in order to inspire folks to modify their vehicles responsibly and drive safely.

Bugatti Veyron

The police department of Dubai realized what they previously possessed in stock was not sufficient, hence they decided to add the 2nd fastest super-car across the globe, Bugatti Veyron. While Police of Dubai could beat almost all cars on road, they apparently required a super car which could take down almost anything.

With a potential of speeding up to 268 miles/hour and reaching 60 miles/hour from 0 in only 2.5 seconds, there is no chance any car can outstrip Veyron–unless the larcener has a Hennessey Venom GT. Although, it came at a price of $1.6 million, it’s totally worth it for Dubai Police.


There are a number of vehicles that have been modified for pace, intriguing performance and breathtaking power that’s tested and made to be pushed to extremes. Due to growing strength of millionaires and their prized toys, this became certainly a wake-up call for police forces to add the above mentioned car models to their arsenal.

With supercars like Aston Martin One, Brabus Rocket and Bugatti Veyron, the police forces are not easily intimated or outstripped by careless speedsters on road.

Used Police Cars for Sale—A smart way to save big on money!

Since, brand new police cars can’t be bought by all countries, second hand police cars seem to be a better option. Let’s briefly know how it is advantageous for you to buy a used police car:

The papers of car are already ready

Buying a police car from a government office has its own benefits that range from complete car papers to all paid taxes. All you need is to focus on its condition!

Police cars are already pretty rugged

The cars that have already been used as police cars will have all the quality stuff to handle the stresses of a police job.

Used police cars are very affordable

You can buy used police cars at government auctions. So, you can buy these supercars for almost free!

All said and done; second-hand police cars are also a great option for buyers looking to save big!


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