If it comes down to this, the court will act in the best interests of their child when deciding who receives custody if that's the mother or the father. Oftentimes, the mother is granted child custody, but that is not necessarily the situation. There are loads of examples of dads being granted primary custody of their child after the court decides it is in the child's best interest when the dad receives custody. Obviously, legal custody and legal custody has to be set by a single parent frequently receiving physical custody along with both sharing lawful custody. For more details about fathers rights, please visit http://www.harrisfamilylawgroup.com/fathers-rights-attorney-los-angeles/.

 Fathers Rights for Child Custody

If it comes to deciding who will get physical custody of their child, the court will attempt to ascertain each parent's relationship with the child and which may be considered their primary caregiver. When it's determined that the dad plays the larger role, he's got the right to be given custody of their child, just as though it's decided that this really is the mother's role, she has the right to custody.

By deciding that parent cares for your kid the most, it will help provide some consistency throughout the divorce proceedings for your kid. Obviously, if a single parent has been deemed better equipped to take care of the child, this parent might receive custody. If a parent is unemployed with little to no prospects or job skills, another parent may be granted custody. This is also true if a single parent is struggling with an addiction or a different problem that could create a harmful atmosphere for their son or daughter.

Remember that joint physical custody doesn't necessarily indicate that both parents share an equivalent quantity of time with your kid. The child may reside with a single parent during the week, but see another on weekends or vacations. This could nevertheless be regarded joint physical custody even if a single parent spends more time with the kid. 

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