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Are you looking for an all-in-one dealership for buying a car? It is very difficult to find one place where you can find everything you need for your car. Direct Cars works on the policy of no gimmicks, no hassle, and no pressure. It is the first car wholesale market of Sheffield. It provides a massive range of used and nearly new cars all on a single site. They have helped around 85,000 customers to buy cars and have built a trustworthy relationship and reputation for quality and service. They have a number of branches that we will explore as we go through this article.

What Makes Direct Cars Unique?

Since it is a car market, not a showroom, therefore, you can have everything in one place. Yes, it is really true! Why search a dozen showrooms when you can have all in one place? You might be worrying about quality. The second biggest bounty that you will get there is value and quality of the vehicles. And last and the most important, reasonable prices. Isn’t it amazing? It looks like a complete package where you just have to go and grab the car of your choice. Everything else will come by itself.

What are the Basic Principles?

The basic principles of direct cars are

• No Hassle
• No Pressure
• No Gimmicks
• Best Quality
• Reasonable price

There is a common view of the car dealers that hassle from the sales rep is the necessary part of car buying. You must have a pressure of buying from the sales rep when you are leaving the showroom either you liked the cars or not. The direct cars have changed this stereotypical view. You will meet with educated and well-trained people there that will neither force you nor brag about their products. Due to this reason, customers always give satisfying reviews and are suggest others to buy from there.

Are There Other Branches As Well?

Apart from the main branch, there are other two branches as well.

Texas Cars Direct:

It is in Dallas, Texas. The car you own represents your personality and your style. Fortunately, with this dealership, you don’t have to pay for new, expensive, and stylish cars for that. They hold the largest collection of 1st quality pre-owned luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz, at Dallas. Apart from just Mercedes-Benz, you will find other branded cars like Jaguar, Lexus, BMW, Lincoln, and many others. You can’t anticipate what gem you are going to buy there.

Cars Direct Chicago:

Cars Direct was also founded on the principle of wholesale business . You will be free from all the side to side games and the stress that is usually associated with buying a vehicle. The 40 years experience has taught them how to treat the clients with the respect they deserve. However, they are honest and straightforward in their vehicles, opinions, and business practices. This is why they have successfully built up a long-lasting relationship with their clients.

They have many years of the latest car authorisation experience from many dealerships throughout the Chicago including:

§ Porsche
§ Mercedes-Benz
§ Lotus
§ Rover
§ Acura
§ Audi
§ Land
§ Lexus
§ Lamborghini


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