diesel automatic cars

Troubling about the car purchase for your next long business trip? Doesn’t your current gasoline engine car cooperate with you for your long business journeys? Treat yourself with the amazingly manufactured diesel automatic cars and your worries are gone. We are going to show you the perks of owning a diesel engine car with automatic gear box. You must have heard about the struggle car industries are going through with diesel engine. Yes it is partially true, but now as the time proceeds, diesel engine cars are getting recognisable.

Diesel Automatic Cars

Diesel’s long been used for your heavy load applications in trucks, trains, cranes etc. Few decades ago, American consumers used to detest diesel usage because it was smelly, noisy and dirty. However, today’s diesel is more eco-friendly and considered cleaner and greener. Now, how it may help you for your long journey? Well, according to a proven research, diesel engine has 30 percent more energy efficiency than normal gasoline engine. With the addition of automatic gear box installed in your diesel engine car, you can enjoy more efficient and convenient driving.

Automakers adore diesel engines because it helps them meet rigorous economical standards. They offer a great amount of torque which results in maximum acceleration. Therefore, it is ideal for the drivers who have to go for frequent lengthy suburb journeys than for those who experience town driving. Just sit back, relax, keep an eye on road and your car will do everything for you. You don’t have to plan weeks ago for such journeys now. Own this miraculous car and serve yourself!

However, keep in mind that due to heavy taxes on diesel, the fuel is more expensive than normal gasoline. So it will add a lot more to your budget. Diesel tax is now about $2.5 that is higher than gas taxes. Speaking about this, diesel engines produce more nitrogen-oxide . In order to make it eco-friendly, automakers had to install scrubbing materials and other particular hardware for the worn-out nitrogen-oxide and this addition makes diesel automatic cars a lot more costly.

Automatic diesel cars are already selling in India at overwhelmingly cheaper price. Decades ago, fancy and luxury car ownership used to be a dream that remained curtailed usually, but the case is exactly opposite now. Let’s have a look at the amazing features of diesel automatic cars India.

Tata Zest Quadrajet Series

Tata Zest is providing both diesel and petrol engine cars. Tata Zest Quadrajet and Tata Zest Revortron are the names for diesel and petrol engine series respectively. Tata is providing a number of diesel automatic cars at reasonable prices with amazing features. Out of numerous cars quadrajet series offers, 1.3 XMA and 1.3 XTMA are the best ones offering following features.

Both are five gear diesel engines Sedan available in only seven to eight lakh Indian rupees which makes 10,500 to 12,000 USD. They are equipped with a turbocharged 1.2 liter motor. Zest presents an automatic transmission. Additional feasts include 15” alloy wheel, air-conditioning with heater, manual central locking, tilted adjusted power steering, Bluetooth connectivity and front and rear fog lamp. Both exhibit excellent transmission with quadrajet 1248cc engine capable of producing enough torque and acceleration.

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