Diecast Police Cars

“Car collided with the truck; collapsing badly and the passengers inside are dead or severely injured, including women and children.” “Two suspects found running on the street after a bank robbery, according to a CCTV footage on Houston Road.”Do you endure such news every day when you skim read the newspaper or switch on the TV? What’s the first thing you witness after such scenes? It’s the police car siren you hear approaching from a distance and reaching at the crime or accident scene within minutes. What makes them so fast? It’s their car that enables them to encounter every scene and provide every possible service. Diecast police cars are ensuring top car services to police department due to which policemen tend to serve their nation

Diecast Police Cars- A Service to the Nation

Diecast  cars are those cars that you see in every crime scene with sirens on top. It can be any car model , usually the fastest and the finest to cope up with the needs of this job. Custom Diecast police cars are usually made up of several custom builders available at different prices. Either it’s the classic Ford Crown Victoria Cruiser or recent Dodge Charger Pursuit, they are equipped with sirens and light and all the other decals, bells, and whistles. Most of the custom cars and Diecast model police cars maintain the size from 1/18 model to 1/64 without sacrificing the services police department demands. Each police vehicle showcases the most important small parts and details in order to provide the services properly.

A few custom 1/24 cars on duty US Border Patrol Ford Police SUV, Washighton DC Metro Transit Police Ford SUV, US Capitol Police Ford SUV, Louisiana State Police Ford, RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police Ford Inspector, with working lights and sirens, accurately installed. Custom 1/18 includes Essex County, NJ Sheriff Ford, US Border Patrol Ford Crown Vic, Ashington State Police Ford, Arkansas State Police Ford Crown Vic, Louisiana State Police Ford, Connecticut State Police Ford and the list goes on. All 1/18 models are also equipped with working lights and sirens. Other models with sizes 1/24 and 1/64 can also be found.

Blue Line Diecast

One of the recognisable names for this service is Blue Line Diecast. It provides both buying/selling, and shopping cart facilities to its customers. Sections include sales/specials in which it offers special accessories available at the one-time offer. One may find a custom model from time to time and items may change so it’s based on first come, first served services. 1/18 and 1/64 light bars are also available. Policemen can add realism to their model with the help of these light bars available on a fair price.

Likewise, one can find custom models and custom decals. Custom models include custom models and flash LED lights available in four categories that are, bulk custom, custom, in stock and quick order. Custom decals are available at different prices ranging in size from 1/18 to 1/24 for all models including Crown Victoria, charger or Explorer. Kits-LED-wire section is for those who want to assemble everything by their own. It requires creativity and attention to assembling the kits; therefore, one has to be careful before doing so.


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