The definition of what's a low-rise condo varies slightly depending on what part of the country you reside in. Broadly, they are buildings that range in height from two to nine stories tall. In Edmonton, Alberta, they're buildings consisting of four stories or less, and the total building height is about 46 feet (14 meters). In Houston, Texas, low-rise condos are one to three stories tall.

High-rise fort lee condominium provides stunning views and typically has safety officers at the entrance because you input each unit from the interior. But these are often the most expensive sort of condo due to all the amenities they supply.

Condo Living - What Is a Low Rise Condo?

Low-rise units, on the other hand, often have individual access to each unit from the outside, and the condos might seem like brownstones or townhouses. It's a lot easier to have a garden with these condos, and some face on a community area. You could have a common pool or a large patio area for grilling get-togethers. They tend to have cheaper condo dues since there is less maintenance to need to do and less safety to supply.

You'll rarely find an elevator at a low-rise condo construction, as they're so low on the floor. This can make getting large furniture up to an upper floor somewhat challenging. Because you're lower to the floor, you won't have sweeping vistas out your window.

Many condo owners lead busy lives and for that reason don't have the chance to benefit from the numerous amenities offered at bigger condo complexes such as a business center or gym.

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