Are you someone who fancies classic sports cars and want to buy one for yourself? Or, are you confused by the endless options available out there? Well, then you’re reading the right piece of content as this article brings you an honest comparison between top classic British sports cars—something that enables you to get the best car for you. However, before we finally dig into these top sports car models; let’s see why these cars are loved so much by people in the first place.

Why do people love classic sports cars so much?

Well, these classic sports wagons are no less than an old jingle, a black-and-white picture, a vintage wine—priceless, timeless, and nostalgic. These cars are called ‘classic’ as they trace their lineage to 1st or 2nd generation of sports machines and are somewhat 40 years old. Motors from 60s are exclusively popular because of their extravagant and trademark engines  that symbolize their power and dynamism. So, if you are one amongst the crowd and have been checking out ‘classic sports cars for sale’ boards lately, check out these top models to buy your dream car right away.

The best classic sports cars of all times

Check these out:

McLaren F1

The amazing label declared the British supercar maker’s invasion into modern racing as soon as it started in 1992. And, in just six years, McLaren F1 broke all the records by becoming the world’s fastest production car i.e. 242 mph.

The BMW-designed 6.0 liter V12 Engine used in the supercar weighs around 266 kilos and yet produces 627 horsepower . And, to avoid any damage of its carbon fiber parts because of overheating, the company has insulated its whole compartment with gold foil. With an amazing power to weight ratio of 550 horsepower per ton McLaren makes for the best performing vehicles when it comes to classic sports cars.

If you can afford to spend money in eight figures, this one is an ideal choice for you.

Ferrari F40LM

A limited edition of only 17 units, Ferrari F40LM (Le Mans) boasts of a strengthened chassis, a huge front air dam, a bigger adjustable rear wing, solid suspension, huge disc brakes and an effective racing gearbox. With a heavily modified engine of 2.9 liters, this classic sports motor instantly develops 760bhp with a high speed of 229 mph & a 0-60 mph time of 3.1 secs. Besides, it also features two intercoolers, two overhead cameras, and an electronic engine management system too!

Aston Ferrari DB5

The first ever James Bond car, Aston Ferrari DB5 model was produced between the years 1963 and 1965 with 983 units produced on the whole. With three different body styles, this vintage sports wagon can be obtained in a combination of: 2 door2+2coupe, 2-door shooting brake, and 2-door convertible. Important highlights are electric windows, a thick Wilton carpet, alloy bodyshell, leather interior and a four speed manual transmission with overdrive. Since its body is handmade, it has its drawbacks in case of accidents.

Sold between $600,000 and $750, 000, this car model has a top speed of 143mph & an acceleration time of 0-60 mph in 7.5seconds.


In a nutshell, every classic sports car has its own benefits and highlights. Hence, choose the one that matches your needs, preferences and of course the budget!

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