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Are you a believer of old is gold? Do old cars appeal you and you want to own one? Classic Country Cars is a showroom for all the oldies and goodies. Classic cars fascinate us with their old classic engineering, beauty, and uncommonness. They remind us of the memories they hold, the history they depict. This showroom is like historical museum whose visit is worth remembering and it keeps evoking all the legendary aspects of classic cars. We are going to talk about a little history of this showroom and explore its showcase.

Classic Country Cars, is it worth visiting?

Classic Country Cars located on Frontage Rd. Staunton, IL is a Route 66 association of Illinois. It was started as a farmer’s hobby in Midwest. He had a passion for classic cars and trucks that he converted into money and started his business. He had been working as a mechanic for several years before started farming. He wasn’t only knowledgeable and skilled, but also had the desire to take a classic car, fix it and sell it to another place. As soon as he sold it to another place where people wish to own a classic car but did not have the expertise for it. Only then he realized that it had the potential to become a luxurious way of life. Without a second thought, he converted the idea into action and owned a land at Interstate 55, near Historic Route 66 where there is not only a big showroom for classic cars and trucks, but also a garage and service area along with a historic gift shop.

It also passes successfully the BBB accreditation standards which include a determination to make all possible efforts for customer satisfaction and deal with all the complaints in a customer friendly environment.

Inventory Display

It displays a very attractive list of both new and used classic cars. You can find all the prior models in perfect conditions and it will be a worth-buying experience for you. Isn’t it so mainstream to buy a luxury and brand new car? Let’s have a look at the vehicles Country Classic Cars Illinois displays and make your choice.

Some of the new classic vehicles it offers include 1915 Ford Model T, 1922 Durant A 22 Touring, 1923 Ford Model T, 1925 Dodge Brothers, 1926 Ford Model T, 1926 Franklin Sedan, 1927 Durant Star, 1928 Chevy Sedan, 1928 Erskine Model 51, 1929 Mercedes Kit Car, 1929 Ford Truck, 1929 Essex Super 6, 1940 Chevy Tuck, 1930 Desoto Business Coup, and the list goes on and on. You can easily find the aforementioned and many other classic cars in unexpectedly amazing structure and shape at this showroom.

However, it might be an expensive purchase to buy a new classic car because the expenditure did on a classic car to make it displayable and drivable might be a lot more than you expect. Therefore, you should go for country classic cars for sale if your pocket isn’t much fat. 1966 Ford Thunderbird, 1969 Chevrolet, 1957 Ford Fairlane, 1965 Dodge Dart, 1927 Ford Model T, 1929 Ford Model A, and many other cars are available for you at an overwhelmingly cheaper price. So, go and have something apart from trendy and fashionable cars. It is sometimes fun to be different.

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