Want to grab the cheapest sports car? Or, do you want a sports wagon that delivers impressive performances without a sky-high cost?

Well, you can get the sports car of your choice amongst so many options available out there. In this article, we bring you top 3 sports cars that are not only inexpensive but also give you great value for money. Before, we finally dig into these motors; let’s see why cheap sports cars attract collectors so much.

Cheapest Sports Cars: The first choice of every individual

Exotics might be getting all the attention, but cheap sports cars usually win when it comes to car sales. The availability of affordable performance cars which thrills and fun to ride, at a price-tag that don’t need a 2nd mortgage on your home, has only grown in last few years, with a number of auto manufacturers pulling up their socks. Initially buyers had to rely on used market for their choicest sports cars but today it’s a piece of cake. You can just walk down to your local car dealership showroom & take a test drive.

Ford Mustang ($24.400)

Mustang is one of the newest affordable sports cars on the market today. Available in V6 and V8 four cylinder engine (Eco Boost), this car though economical is not really built for impressive performances. However, V6 and V8 make this motor an exceptional muscle car—something you can’t afford to miss upon. While all engines of Ford Mustang are teamed with manual transmission, these can also be teamed with automatic ones. Moreover, you also gain a smooth ride, plush interiors and contemporary design with its purchase. The amazing sports car is also known for its power that ranges between 306 HP and 526 HP.

Dodge Challenger ($26.995)

Dodge Challenger

If you want a powerful sports car that not only lends thrilling performance but also carries a price label like a family hatchback, this is the motor for you. Dodge Challenger is a renowned car, almost everyone knows about it. Having V6 and V8, this latest model boasts of 8 gears automatic transmission. Though, it consists of three similar V8 engines but offer varied amounts of power. The highlight of this great sports motor is the large room it provides on rear seats and trunk. While its least compelling version comes with 305 HP, the most compelling has 707 HP.

Subaru BRZ ($25.400)

One cheap sports car that gives enough but not de trop is Subaru BRZ. This is because this wagon has less power than above mentioned car models. However, its real-wheel drive & 2.0L engines with 4 cylinders make it one of the best deals when it comes to buying a low-priced sports car. The power is transferred to rear wheel either through a six speed manual or an automatic transmission. The newest model comes with a modification as compared to 2013 car model and carries too many improvements. You can easily notice improvements in cabin where all buttons are made accessible and are quite easy to use. It comes with a power of 200 HP.


So, if you want impressive performance without spending a fortune, you should go for Dodge Challenger. However, if you want a great muscle car or a car that has great interior work then Ford Mustang and Subaru BRZ are your best choices (respectively).

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