Having written about online business before, and in particular selling online, I am often asked the question if I can still recommend Worldwide Brands in 2017?  Well, I'm going to cover that topic quickly in this post – talking about what Worldwide Brands is and if it's still worth joining.

What is WWB?

Worldwide Brands was founded in 1999 by Chris Malta and is a directory of wholesalers and drop shippers.  There are about 8,000 of these listed, and from them more than 15,000,000 products that you can search through and comapre prices of, etc., in the WWB members area.

All of the suppliers in the Worldwide Brands list have been researched and are guaranteed to be relaible – meaning that you can deal with them with confidence that they are not scams.

Membership costs $299, although there are often discounts, like on Black Friday, of up to $50.  This is a one time fee for membership, with no additional costs in the future for access to WWB's list of suppliers.  This fee also covers access to forums, tutorials and some research tools.

Is Worldwide Brands Worth It?

If you are looking for a very large list of reliable wholesalers and/or drop shippers then yes – it's by far the easiest and safest way to find high quality suppliers of virtually any products you can imagine.

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