British Sports Cars

Do you know which country produces the best British sports cars? Well, this has always been a topic of great debate. While Italy, Japan, Germany, England, USA and France have manufactured some of the best vintage sports motors, England undeniably boasts of producing the top classic British sports cars across the globe in terms of styling, quality, original features & performance.

British Sports cars: What makes them so unique?

Looking for outlets that read “British sports car for sale”? Before, you finally go on to purchase one, let’s see what makes these classic British sports cars so special, unique and high performance. A British sports motor has the following features:

  • A powerful engine
  • Real-wheel drive
  • Light-weighted
  • Low ground clearance
  • 2 doors
  • 2 seats

British sports car for sale: Which one should you buy?

Well, when talking about British sports exotics, it’s very important to know the difference between cars that are solely produced for purpose and those that are modified to achieve great sports car performance.

Here are three options for you:

Austin Healey 3000

The sporting flagship of BMC for almost 10 years, the Austin Healey 3000 saw a number of detailed changes throughout its journey. First utilized in 1959, the 3000 name was synonymous with the C-Series engine which was later upgraded to 2.9 litres from the 100/6—a reasonable upgrade for marketing 3-lires. This engine was used in the upgraded Farina bodied Westminsters.

The important highlights of Austin Healey 3000 boasts of an enhanced gearbox, more power and disc breaks in the front. Even 2+2 format came back with this British sports motor and was available beside the 2-seat roadster.

Triumph Spitfire

A lovely-looking sports wagon, Triumph Spitfire boasts of Michelotti-penned styling & a closely-cut interior for 2 persons. A great fun to drive, this British car is more appealing than MD Midget, so much so, that it finished up outdoing its deadly opponent by almost a year, making it to 1980. However, today the car remains affordable and abundant, suggesting they are effortless to drive on road—all thanks to close-total parts supply.

But, don’t forget low values suggest full renewals are a matter of heart not head, so buy accordingly!

Lotus 7

Needless to say, but this classic British sports car is a tradition in itself. An amazing evolution of the 6, Lotus 7 acquired wishbone front suspension & hydraulic brakes. Belonging to Series 4, it’s a much better British sports wagon that others. With decent leg-space, enhanced front, rear suspension, and complete glass fibre body over modern steel chassis, this British exotic has truly come too far.

While its higher kerb weight somewhat crippled the performance & handling, it also made this car a complete fun. Though it provides a way into Seven ownership, you can easily see why Caterham returned to S3 when production started.


So, if you prefer performance over everything, Austin Healey 3000 and Triumph Spitfire are the right picks. However, if you prefer a right blend of performance & styling, Lotus 7 can be the best bet for you.

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