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Have you been checking out best selling cars lately? Are you a car enthusiast who wants to add value to his collection by owning the top-selling car of 2017? If yes, then you are reading the right piece of content as this article takes you through hot selling cars in the current year.

Best Selling Cars: The trend

Superminis & hatchbacks outstand when it comes to buying the best selling motors of 2017. While Ford Fiesta continues to make big sales, Volkswagen Golf is doing an amazing job in attracting a good number of fans.

On the other hand, Qashqai by Nissan depicts the growing popularity of small SUVs.

Tips for buying the best-selling vehicle

  • Do your homework
  • Check out pre-financing options
  • Shop around
  • Do negotiate
  • Check out both new & used cars
  • Consider purchase price, not monthly payments
  • Use Internet
  • Never state your trade-in
  • Also consider insurance costs
  • No impulse buying please
  • Don’t buy add-ons
  • Don’t purchase extended warranty
  • Test drive your car
  • See a mechanic when purchasing used car
  • Purchase a car you can actually afford
  • 3 best selling motors of current year

So, take the guesswork out of car shopping by choosing one out of three best selling cars 2017 given below:

Top selling cars of 2017

Ford Fiesta

A favourite of British for decades, the Ford Fiesta has shown no signs of changing ever since it was launched eight years ago. The recent incarnation is just ditto. Though, the Fiesta is not the most affordable option in the segment, its sales figures have been beating its closest rivals’ for quite long. Receiving a four-star rating, this Ford supermini is extremely impressive when it comes to best selling motors on the market today. People particularly fancy its handling, ride, interiors and easy engine range.

Volkswagen Golf

The Golf by Volkswagen is another big name in the field of motoring that lures tens of thousands of die-hard fans. Considered as on the best selling cars 2016, the 7th generation Golf is an ultimate all-rounder, expect emission concerns. With 4.5 star rating in its portfolio, this car is revered as the ‘best hatchback’ across the globe—an assessment you’ll also stand by!

Nissan Qashqai

Launched for more than 10 years, Qashqai is a ubiquitous crossover by Nissan. A perfect fusion of hatchback size & SUV airs; this car is no less than a gift for customers. Counted amongst one of the best selling cars of 2017, this small SUV has left a trail of followers in its wake.

Released in 2014, the 2nd generation model retains dynamic, interior, and economic standards at the highest level, picking up a 4.5 rating from the experts. No wonder, its sales performance is firm throughout!


So, whether you are seeking the best hatchback in the world or a blend of hatch and SUV features, just grab the one out of Nissan Qashqai, Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Golf and you’ll become the owner of best selling motor of 2017

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