Affordable Electric Cars

The impact of technological developments is so vast that it has also influenced the automotive industry. The electrical vehicle (EV) is a comparatively newer idea in the automotive world. The affordable electric cars don’t only save you a lot of money, but they largely contribute towards the healthy and pollution-free environment. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages, but what are they? Just scroll down and read!

Are Affordable Electric Cars Environmental Friendly?

As we know that vehicles emit a massive amount of carbon dioxide which ultimately leaves us vulnerable to pollution. The electric cars are a great way of contributing towards a healthy environment. Furthermore, for being environmentally aware, the government provides subsidies when you buy an electric car. There are rechargeable batteries installed in the EVs that power up the car. Although the batteries are similar to those installed in normal gasoline cars, the difference is that, in electric cars, they are present in a larger amount. However, there are always two sides of a picture, so let us aware you with both the upsides and downsides.

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The most obvious advantage is that it saves a big chunk of fuel money (gas, petrol, or diesel) since the battery is electrically rechargeable. Apart from this, there are various facts that will attract you with even higher forces, including:

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No emissions.
Savings (fuel as well as government incentives for going green).
Safety through airbags and supply cutting from the battery in emergencies.
Low maintenance since no engine lubrication in required.
Charging from home.
Decreased noise pollution.


How Electric Cars Are Disadvantageous?

After knowing some highlighting upsides, you must know the downsides the electric cars hold before you make up your mind. Disadvantages include:

  • Very few recharge points.
  • Huge electricity needed (since electricity isn’t free!).
  • Limited driving speed and range (50-100 miles range usually).
  • Prolonged recharge times (four to six hours).
  • Less spacious (two seaters normally).

Some Electric Cars Which Are Kind to Your Wallet:

Yes, it is true that some of the electric cars like Tesla might break your bank, but a number of affordable and cheap ones available as well. Let’s have a look at the few of such cars:

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This one is the best-selling electric car with a total of 200,000 running on roads. It is available in less than $30,000. The mileage varies as per use in the electric cars: range shortens with AC usage and high-speed, same happens with Nissan Leaf. However, the best one is $35,000 Leaf SL with 30 kWh battery which offers 107 miles range.

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Its size is almost like that of the Ford Fiesta or Renault’s own Clio. Zoe, in many ways, is an average compact hatchback and you can buy one in just £13,995.

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It is efficient on its feet and the best fun in curves! As compared to others, its electric drive is more fun other equally sized EVs. Price is almost equal to the of Nissan leaf with distinguishing features of small battery and 30-minutes charging via SAE quick-charge port (optional).

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Electric cars are a relatively newer concept in the automotive world. These are the cars that are electrically charged, therefore, there is no need of gasoline or petrol fueling. Furthermore, they are environmentally friendly since they don’t emit CO2. Due to no fuel cost and lower maintenance charges, these cars are very affordable to buy.

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